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Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 100FT/31M 4K60Hz (4:4:4 HDR10 18Gbps HDCP ARC CEC) 1440p165Hz High Speed Ultra HD Directional Cord


  • Fiber Optic HDMI Cable is Directional. The directional HDMI meaning that the source end of HDMI is required to connect to sources (must plug this end to HDMI output from source like DVD/computer/PS4/Xbox…), and other end is display to your monitor/TV/projector
  • HDMI A-Male to A-Male Cable, 100Feet 31Meter, compatible with HDMI 2.0a/2.0b/1.4, support 4K60Hz, 4K30Hz, 4K24Hz, 1440p165Hz, 1440p144Hz, 1440p120Hz, 1440p60Hz, 1080p120Hz, 1080p60Hz, 3D60Hz
  • 4K High Speed HDMI Cable Compatible with Dolby-vision 4K 60Hz, 4K 60Hz 4:4:4, 4K 60hz HDR10 4:2:2, 4K60Hz 8/10/12bit, Supports CEC, Audio Return Channel ARC Compatible with Dolby Atmos

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 100ft,DELONG HDMI Cable can Handle [email protected] UHD at 18.2Gbps Ultra high Speed,Perfect for Long Distance Transmission(100ft/50ft/30ft Optional) 30m


  • Fiber HDMI 2.0b cable support UHD 4K 60HZ 4:4:4 at 18Gbps ultra high speed without any signal loss.
  • Lightweight and slim Optic hdmi cable perfect for long distance and narrow space wiring.
  • Supports HDR/DEEP COLOR/ARC/CEC/EDID/HDCP2.2/Dolby Vision, 1536KHz Sample Rates, [email protected], 32 Uncompressed Audio and Video Sync, Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0 (4K 60Hz 8bit for 4:4:4, 12bit for 4:2:2, 16bit for 4:2:0).
  • Connect from HDMI sources such as Laptop, PC, Blu-ray player, camera and all Video game consoles to displays such as TV, Projector, Moniter etc.Perfect solution for Home Theater, Conference room, Classroom and outdoor screen.
  • Plug and play, no extra power supply,in wall wiring, 5 years warranty.

DTECH Ultra Slim Extra Long Fiber Optic HDMI 2.0 Cable 100 Feet Supports 4K at 60Hz 18Gbps High Speed


  • Flexible 4K HDMI fiber optic cable 100ft: our technology application for fiber optics provides for a higher performance connection than copper 100ft HDMI cables
  • Long HDMI cable 100 feet is an ideal solution when Copper HDMI just can’t get there in 4Kx2K
  • Active fiber optic HDMI cable 4k ultra HD: with no HDMI repeater or active signal booster needed, no loss of signal over distance and no EMI interference to degrade the signal
  • 18Gbps high speed optical HDMI cable 4K 2.0 specification Offers the best video picture and sound quality; supports 4K @60Hz YUV 4:2:0 and 4K @30Hz 4:4:4
  • Ultra thin fiber optical HDMI cables 100′ are slim and easily hidden making it very easy for professional AV technicians to install black HDMI fiber cable in walls, ceilings, and conduit

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DTECH 100ft Fiber Optic HDMI Cable with 4K 30Hz and 1080p 60Hz HD Video 3D HDCP CEC High Speed Supported (100 Feet, Black)


  • 4K HDMI fiber optic cable 100ft is a ideal solution running high speed HD video over long distance when your 100 ft regular Copper HDMI port cords have Electromagnetic Interference Issue
  • High speed HDMI fiber optical cable 100′ supports 10.2 Gbps bandwidth to handle [email protected], [email protected] high resolution with Barely Signal Loss for a smooth audio visual enjoyment
  • Active HDMI to HDMI cable male to male port (Full size standard 19 pin), as a great replacement for expensive HDMI extender kit and HDMI repeater booster, it supports HDCP, CEC, EDID, 3D and Deep Color
  • Ultra slim lightweight design (4.8mm diameter) 100 ft HDMI 4K cable makes your cabling work easier for this thin flexible HDMI cord can be routed around the tight space as you want
  • 31 meters Extra long HDMI extension cable 4K ultra HD works with digital AV devicesPS3 PS4, laptop macbook, DIRECTV, Xbox gaming, Blu-ray player DVD, Ultra HD TV, 3D IMAX, computer monitor, AV receivers and home theater projector, etc.

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[email protected] HDMI Fiber Optic Cable 2.1 100FT/30M Long, Highwings Ultra 48Gbps High Speed Slim Flexible HDMI Braided Cord [email protected] Dynamic HDR/HDCP 2.2 /3D Compatible for Monitor PS5 Roku


  • 【8K Optical Fiber HDMI Cable】8K optical fiber HDMI cable is evolving rapidly; it realizes ultra-long-distance audio and video transmission, without signal compression, no delay in light speed transmission, no electromagnetic interference, and no radiation. It is compatible with [email protected] and [email protected], clearly displays every particle, and accurately processes every signal source.
  • 【Upgrade Revolution—-HDMI 2.1】 Highwings 8K HDMI Cable conforms to the standard HDMI 2.1 version. Compared with HDMI 2.0, its transmission speed has a qualitative leap, from 18Gbps to 48Gbps (6GB/s) directly, and there will no longer be stuck or dropped frames when watching video from now on. Support eARC, can achieve more advanced audio signal control capabilities. It is also backward compatible with HDMI 2.0b/2.0a/1.4/1.3/1.2/1.1 versions
  • 【HDMI Cable For Game Enthusiasts】 This HDMI Cable is not limited to [email protected], it can break through 4K and achieve 8K ultra-high image quality. It can also achieve a super smooth picture of [email protected] Its latest game mode supports variable refresh rate, maximizes the value of the graphics card and CPU, and is more accurate in the processing of rendered images. When the scene is switched, the refresh rate will change accordingly to obtain a smoother and more detailed picture.
  • 【Reinforced classic high-quality materials】 This 8K HDMI Cable uses Highwings’ most popular classic style, with a new smart chip, making it reach an unprecedented height. The strength of the aluminum alloy shell and the tail’s anti-bending design has been upgraded to make it more durable. The plug part is still made of 24K gold-plated material, which accurately transmits signals. The military grade tensile nylon material also greatly extends its life.
  • 【The ultimate perfectionist】 This HDMI 8K cable was made at the factory. Every cable and even every part has been put through rigorous testing. We’ve combined every flawless part into a perfect 8K HDMI cable. Then pass the performance tests in the laboratory and present them to you after passing the exam.

RUIPRO 8K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 40 Feet 48Gbps 8K60Hz 4K120Hz Dynamic HDR eARC HDCP2.2/2.3 Compatible with Nvidia RTX 3080/3090 Xbox Series X PS5 Denon AV Receiver LG Samsung Sony TV


  • Meets the latest 8K HDMI 2.1 specification ([email protected], [email protected] & up to 10K resolution, Dynamic HDR10, eARC, HDCP 2.2&2.3, ALLM, QFT, QMS, VRR), backwards compatible with earlier versions
  • Dynamic HDR Support: Dynamic HDR ensures every moment of a video is displayed at its ideal values for depth, detail, brightness, contrast, and wider color gamuts on a scene-by-scene or even a frame-by-frame basis
  • Ultra High Speed 48gbps HDMI Cable: Supports the full range of uncompressed HDMI 2.1 Specification features including 8K video with HDR, Enables up to 48Gbps bandwidth
  • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel): eARC supports the most advanced high bitrate home theater audio formats, object-based audio, uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, and 32-channel uncompressed audio; Object-based audio provides an immersive multi-dimensional experience and enhanced audio detail and depth
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Within 5 years, if there is any quality problem with our Cable, please contact us in time, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours

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DGHUMEN 8K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 100ft, Detachable Long Active HDMI Cable (HDMI 2.1, 48Gpbs, [email protected], [email protected]) with Dual Micro HDMI and Standard HDMI Connectors


  • FISH EASILY – Are you looking for a long HDMI cable that will easily route through walls with minimal grip? Detachable ends design, reduced size connectors, fine and soft cord. Here’s everything you want. It’s a problem solver for long-distance wiring.
  • FUTURE ORIENTED – Designed with an internal optical engine. There is no signal loss and compression, even for 8K signal transmission. Supports 8K Ultra HD resolution, [email protected], [email protected], Dynamic HDR, eARC, VRR, QFT, ALLM, QMS.
  • ULTRA HIGH SPEED – Made of premium glass fiber for pure signal transmission. With the Ultra High Speed bandwidth of 48Gbps, you can get the best gaming performance on Xbox Series X/PS5 and enjoy a great gaming experience.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY – An active HDMI cable connects any device with an HDMI terminal. Backward compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4. Backward compatible with [email protected] and 1080P.
  • 100% SATISFACTION – Comes with a 5-year warranty. Any quality issue, DGHUMEN replaces it for free. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service. Click the ADD TO CART orange button to get yours now!

VIVIFY Fiber Optics Ultra Slim HDMI Certified Extra Long Cable 25 ft 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 UL1 VW1 Xenos W30 Compatible with Apple TV Nintendo Switch PS4 PS5 Xbox seriesX TV Sound bar MacBook Pro


  • Made in Taiwan
  • Official HDMI certified and DPL Labs Certified
  • Fully compliant with HDMI 2.0b and downward compatible
  • Support 18 Gbps UHD resolution up to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • Fiber optic cables stable signal transmission
  • Ultra slim 0.16inch HDMI cable in any length
  • Soft and pliable, affordable 26.5lbs pull force and 992lbs compression force
  • 2 years warranty. Register for a free additional year on VIVIFY website
  • Support HDR10, HDCP2.2, ARC, Dolby 7.1 channel, DTS-HD

8K Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 30ft – SOOMFON Long HDMI 2.1 High Speed HDMI Cord [email protected] [email protected] HDR, HDR10, HDCP 2.2, eARC 3D Compatible with Roku TV, HDTV and More (10 Meters)


  • High Speed HDMI Cable: 8K HDMI Cable upgrade to HDMI 2.1, increasing the transmission speed from 18Gbps to 48Gbp. It supports higher video resolutions and refresh rates including [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], 1080P, also compatible with other HDMI version for immersive viewing and smooth dynamic detail.
  • High Performance: HDMI 2.1 cable supports supports Dynamic HDR 10/10+, Dolby Vision, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport(QFT) and Quick Media Switching (QMS), enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC). With 8K HDMI’s unique dynamic HDR and 12 Bit color processing technology, each scene of the video is every frame, with more ideal depth, brightness, detail, contrast and wider color gamut.
  • 30ft Long HDMI Cable In-Wall: HDMI 8K Active Optical Cable adopt Active Optical Chip, without any signal loss and delay; cable is uni-directional, Source connect to PC, DVD, Display Connect to TV, Project etc. Under the help of optical fiber, the 8K HDMI Cable support length of 33 feet(10m), this long distance expand more possible for your application, including VR, Gaming, Home-theater, meeting room and a lot of other application.
  • Reliable Anti-interference Capability: Our cables use 50/125um multimode fiber and 7C copper cable with multiple shielding, gold-plated connector resists corrosion and abrasion to transfer stable video and audio signal. Flexible and durable PVC cable can withstand more frequent bending and it’s very easy to clean up.
  • Universal Compatibility: Perfect for all HDMI enabled devices such as TVs, Monitors, Computers, PS4/5, X-box Series X and other HDMI-enabled devices to your 8K/4K HDTV, monitors, displays or projectors.

These are similar long fiber optic hdmi products, but there are important differences. Please refer to the long fiber optic hdmi product review for detailed information on the function, pros, and cons of each long fiber optic hdmi product.

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4K HDMI Cable,26.2 Ft Long Fiber Optic HDMI 2.0 Cable, HDMI Extension Cable 18Gbps High Speed 60Hz 3D HDR 2160P 1080P HDMI to HDMI Cord for Laptop,Projector,Monitor,PS3,PS4,Xbox One,Fire TV


  • ☎ 4K HDMI Fiber Optic Cable: This 4K HDMI cable is with upgraded HDMI 2.0 Fiber Optic Technology. It supports most HDMI devices such as displayer, PS3/4, projector and HDTV for HDMI signal transfer. With advanced Photoelectric Conversion Module, this Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 4K converts electrical signal to optical signal without any delay or signal jam.
  • ☎Upgraded Structural Design: This Optical fiber optic HDMI Cable is with the structure of 4-Core Fiber Optic, Pure Copper Fiber Core, Aluminum Foil Layer, Strengthen PVC wire Shield, Gold-plated Plugs and Zinc Alloy Plug Housing, which ensures its durability and high-quality stable transmission even in long distance HDMI signal transfer.
  • ☎Loss-Free and Interference-Free: Different from ordinary 4K HDMI cable, this 4K high speed HDMI Cable is with latest 4-Core Fiber Optic design which ensures no mutual interference between high frequency signals and supports 100+ meters long distance loss-free transmission.
  • ☎Multiple Usage Modes: This 4K HDMI cable can be used as HDMI Extension Cable to duplicate and show the same content or image from small screen to big screen. Multi-tasking display mode enables you to display different contents or images at the same time to increase the effectiveness. You can also use this HDMI 2.0 Cable to connect PS3/PS4 with HDTV, giving you more video game interation experience and big screen high quality visual enjoyment.
  • ☎Audio and Visual Synchronization: This 4K HDMI cord will automatically detect and synchronically transfer audio and visual signal, making you enjoy HDR 4K high quality image and increasing 3D effect visual enjoyment .

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