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Walk the Plank Bucket Mouse Trap | Flip and Slide | Water-proof | Durable | Auto-reset – live or kill


  • AUTO RESET: The trap resets automatically. You can catch multiple mice at once.
  • WATERPROOF: Unlike other traps in the market, our trap is made from durable waterproof plastic.
  • POISON FREE: Simply use peanut butter or any other bait that can be stuck to the trap. Keeps your pets safe and out of danger.
  • LIVE OR KILL: You have option of using the device as a live catch or to kill the mice. Use water in the bucket if you intend on not releasing the mice. Using fine sand or saw dust at the bottom prevents the mice from jumping out. Using taller bucket is help with the live catch.
  • IMPORTANT ( UNIVERSAL BODY) : This plank included in this trap set is specifically calibrated for smaller mice. However a set including bigger plank is available for purchase. Additionally you can also just buy the bigger plank only if you already purchased the smaller trap set. The same UNIVERSAL BODY works with both plank.

Jeremywell Walk The Plank Mouse Trap – Plank Mouse Trap Auto Reset – Humane Bucket Rat Trap – No Drilling Required – Kill or Live Catch Mice & Other Pests & Rodents (2 Pieces)


  • HOOK & GO – No drilling required for JEREMYWELL walk the plank mouse trap. Hang it on the edge of bucket (thickness less than 0.3125 inches)
  • REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN – Counterbalance with block wood and inserted magnet provide the trap with resilience force and reusable possibility. It is also very easy to clean up both the trap and the bucket.
  • HUMANE & HYGIENE – Fill 1/3 of the bucket with water to be fatal. If you wish to catch and release them from the bucket do not add water. SANITARY NO-TOUCH design make sure NO POISON, NO BLOOD , NO KILL.
  • FLEXIBLE & EFFECTIVE — To achieve better catching effect you can use two traps and set up on opposite sides of the bucket.

NEXAS NL101 OBD2 Scanner | Car Check Engine Light Code Reader | Free Update, Free Protective Case | Reset Monitor, Live Data Stream, Retrieve VIN, Emission Test, Battery Test | 2022 Upgrade Version


  • CEL DOCTOR: The NL101 is used to read and clear fault codes and turn off the engine light. It can not only accurately determine codes and possible causes, but also perform DTC search, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness test, on-board monitor test, live data stream, freeze frame data, EVAP system test, vehicle VIN retrieval and diagnostic report, saving vehicle owners a lot of time and money in maintenance.
  • SMOG CHECK HELPER: It can accurately read trouble codes for most cars, SUVs, light trucks, and 12-volt diesel vehicles equipped with a 16-pin OBD2 protocol. Use this OBD2 scanner to make sure the monitor is set before the emission test, so you can pass the emission test easily.
  • BATTERY TEST: Supports real-time battery voltage acquisition and displaying the results in a graph. This allows you to retrieve and analyze the exact live data and determine the condition of the battery or the expected remaining life.
  • INDISPENSABLE HOME TOOL: Requires no batteries or charger, but is powered directly from your vehicle’s 16-pin OBDII Data Link Connector. It is an indispensable tool in your toolbox and one of the best gifts for home and auto mechanics.
  • WORTH TO OWN: A free $20 protective case, 2.4″ LCD color screen, 8+ languages, unique patented design, free lifetime update, 30 day money back guarantee + 60 day replacement + 2 year warranty, 7/24 exclusive tech and support team.

Positive and Negative Reactions of auto reset live products

Ever since the invention of the world, there has always been something that people like and dislike. It is no surprise that this goes for products as well.

For every product out there, you will find someone who thinks it’s great and someone who thinks it’s terrible. This blog post is going to be about some of these reactions to popular products on the market today so you can see if they are good or not for yourself!
For example, people love coffee with cream in it but some think it’s too heavy.

So look at the features and compare them to choose the best match your needs, you can’t just look at the auto reset live products pictures.

You should get the negative points from real customer reviews like Amazon or eBay.

INNOVA 5310 – Newest 2022 OBD2 Code Scanner – Read/Erase ABS/SRS Codes, Reset Oil Light, Live Data, Battery/Alternator Test


  • MAINTAIN PEAK PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY ON THE ROAD – The 5310 OBD2 Scanner helps you easily find the problem and fix the problem. Use the mobile application RepairSolutions2 on Apple App Store or Google Play for real-time solutions and fixes to your automotive issues. With this app, get verified fixes, find and purchase the exact part required for repair, view maintenance schedules, buy parts, receive technical bulletins, dealer and safety recalls, and access to Innova’s best-in-class database.
  • PREMIUM OBD2 CODE READER WITH ENHANCED COVERAGE AND FUNCTIONALITY – This car diagnostic tool empowers home mechanics, automotive enthusiasts, and service & repair technicians with professional-level functionality. It is a vehicle code reader that reads and clears OBD engine codes and displays all vehicle information from when a trouble code was triggered. This Innova scan tool supports English, Spanish, and French.
  • LIVE DATA FOR MORE ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS – With the Innova 5310 OBD2 scanner you can see your vehicle’s essential information like RPM, speed, and oil temperature in real-time to help identify and correct problems. You can also check and test your battery and alternator, so you know whether you need to bring your car to a technician or not.
  • EASY SELF-DIAGNOSIS OF EMISSION STATUS AND OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Know your smog check results before your state does. This car check engine light reader determines whether you’ll pass a state vehicle smog test. This OBD2 scan tool can also read and show your oil life display & level that helps you monitor your auto’s lubricant status easily. This engine reader includes functions for ABS (Brake), SRS (Airbag and Seatbelt) to make sure you’re always driving safely.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH USA DESIGNED AND SUPPORTED PRODUCTS – Our California-based, ASE-Certified Customer Support Team is glad to assist you as you navigate through this product. It’s a perfect diagnostic car scanner for all cars compatible, use it on any foreign or domestic 1996 or newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, or hybrid vehicle. Questions? We’re here to assist you.

KZYEE KC301 Code Reader, Car OBD2 Scanner with Live Data Diagnostic Service Scan Tool for Check Engine Light Reset


  • Quickly reads and resets check engine light codes on all OBD2 standard protocols ( KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN.) vehicles with 16 PIN interfaces. It’s compatible with most 1996 US-Based, 2002 EU-Based and 2003 Asian-Based cars, including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks and 12V diesel.
  • Accesses to emissions readiness status displays Live Data in both graph and text forms. Built-in on-screen DTC definitions help you find some deep problems and makes your diagnosis easier. Auto VIN acquisition, O2 Sensor and EVAP Test (Mode 8), Advanced On-board Monitoring (Mode 6) are all available.
  • The built-in a one-click I/M readiness status button makes the engine health status scanned faster and easier. With the built-in DTC lookup library, you are allowed to accurately determine causes of the check engine light instead of looking up on the internet. Works right out of the package, no battery needed.
  • Watching the operation of the 02 sensors on the graph mode enabled you to locate the bad sensors in a couple of minutes; Data logging feature makes it available to record and review logs. Ability to print the result makes the process of investigating the issue a whole lot easier.
  • We stand behind KYZEE products 100% and guarantee 2 YEARS warranty, and support lifetime free software update. Go ahead to contact us about the compatibility with your cars, and all messages will be replied within 24 hrs.

Go-tcha Evolve (Go-tcha 2) LED-Touch Wristband Watch for Pokemon Go with Auto Catch and Auto Spin – Black/Blue


  • Large Screen with vibrant color animations.
  • Charged via USB, Battery Level Indicator, Fully Charged in 1 1/2 hours!
  • Vibration Alerts.
  • Auto-catch enabled.
  • Pedometer and app statistics.

We all love a good bargain, especially when we can find a great deal on something we need.

However, it’s important to be careful when buying auto reset live products from unknown or unreliable retailers.

Sometimes, what looks like a great deal is actually a scam. So before you buy that new TV or laptop online, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable retailer.

That way, you can be sure you’re getting the quality auto reset live product you expect – and that you won’t be scammed out of your hard-earned money. Thanks for reading!

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